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SKT, Subscription Services 'T Space' released ... 2025 subscribers 36 million targets

SK Telecom entered the subscription service market. Amazon, Google, etc., and the 'T Space' brand is a plan for a new subscriber-based service after the mobile communication service.

Subscribe to subscribe to subscribers to 36 million subscriptions by 2025, and have been aimed at 8 trillion won for Subscribe.

SK Telecom opened the press conference online on the 25th, and it was said that it is a full-fledged exhibition statement on the subscription market for 50 million people.

Subscription economy is spreading at a rapid rate, and the global subscription market is expected to grow to 3,000 USD in 2025 and 100 trillion won in Korea. In particular, the MZ households are rapidly beneficial to the main consumer.

■ Extension of subscription service as a space brand

SK Telecom first disclosed the subscription business brand 'T Universe' through the reporter's conference. From the global enterprise, everyone can participate in start-up and small business, and the philosophy that the entire people pursue the available subscription platforms to the slogan called 'Subscription Universe, T Space.

T is a plan to introduce a subscription product that has a high-sided subscription affiliate with a variety of subscription affiliates in the brand.

Priority from 31st to Amazon, 11th Street, E-Mart, shopping companies, Starbucks, Paris Baguette, and delivery, and subscription services. Google, Wave, Flow, Xbox Games Pass, T map, Cry, and AIA Life, including various partners, including, and further consult with more than 100 operators.

SK Telecom will expand its Subscription specialist, which adds smart tables, subscription experiences to the national offline store, to develop a subscription product directly and select a subscription product.

It is a plan to foster more than 1,000 professional consultants that can be a variety of counseling for subscription products. It is also a consumer care through a contact center that consults over 100 million calls annually.

■ Collect data with subscription services,

SK Terecom is planning to collect subscription affiliates based on data that has already held to provide subscription products, and will add new data again.

In the course of marketing various subscribers, data is quantitative qualitatively expanding data and establishing a real-circular structure that utilizes it again.

Ultimately, the MNO business representative ultimately ai DT-based on offline subscription commerce platform , he said, We have set a quantitative goal to achieve the subscription subscribers by 36 million, and 8 trillion won by 2025.

The linking services, including subscription brands and subscription packages, published on this day, will be released on the 31st formal.

T universe, T universe, has a variety of brands and customers to coexist, and the Subscribe to the Subscription Universe, which is a growing subscription universe. And I mean, I mean, I will not have a new world of subscribers that I have never seen so far as I meant to be together.


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